Healy Pass (mostly)

Before all the snow started coming in Alberta this weekend, we went out near Sunshine Village ski resort yesterday and headed up to Healy Pass. We got ‘mostly’ to the pass before the snow was getting too deep and we were post-holing it on most steps so we decided to turn around just a few hundred metres from the top. We only had our microspikes and not our snowshoes since it would be easier to run back down. It was cloudy most of the day anyways so it was hard to see the mountains in the distance anyways. Still an 18 km day in the mountains with over 600 m of elevation! 20 cm of snow on the way for the mountains today so we were lucky to get this day in.

Healy Creek at lower elevations.


Healy Creek as we move higher up.


Amanda thinking the snow is getting deep as we head up towards the pass.


Amanda running down in knee-deep snow!


Thankful for the microspikes, but could have used the snowshoes up top.


[sgpx gpx=”http://andyskinn.com/gpx/2014-11-08-Healy-Pass_mostly.gpx”]

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  1. Great info! We’re planning to go spend a night at the Egypt Lake Shelter at the end of November / beginning of December. We weren’t too sure how much snow was already in the Healy pass area, more than I thought! Any ideas where a full GPX file from Sunshine to the Shelter can be found?


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