Almost Northover

On Saturday, I headed out into Kananaskis with some friends. Our goal was to complete the Northover Traverse loop in a single day. Total distance is approximately 36 km with almost 2000 m of total elevation gain. At the halfway point, there is a ridge for a few kilometres which is supposed to be outstanding on a clear day.

Unfortunately, after running and power hiking for 17 km, the wind was picking up and clouds were getting pretty low making visibility difficult. There was also some snow from the night before making footing a bit difficult at times as well. Although we were very close to the ridge, as a group we came to the decision that it would be an ‘Almost Northover Day’. Mother Nature won this time as we turned around and had to head back the way we came instead of completing the loop. It was the right decision as the clouds just kept getting lower for the rest of the day. We all got back down safely which is the most important part. We’ll be back next year!

View over Hidden Lake.


Approaching Aster Lake.


Aster Lake.


Towards the ridge.


Just after turning around.


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