Taylor Lake, Gatineau Park

Photos: Taylor Lake

After all of our African adventures, it is easy to forget that there are many places right in our own backyard for more adventures!

This past weekend was Amanda’s birthday. I booked us a yurt at Taylor Lake in Gatineau Park. We had never hiked out and stayed overnight in Gatineau Park prior to this weekend, so we figured it was a very Ottawa thing to do.

The ground was lightly snow covered which meant it was better to move away from our barefoot shoes, and put on the hiking boots. There was some soggy parts on the trail, so we were both glad we made that choice. The hike was only 6-7 km before we reached Taylor Lake Yurt. Bunk beds, wood stove for heating, propane stove for cooking, candle light – what more could we ask for! I’m glad Amanda likes to do the same outdoor activities as I do. There were a few people at work that were glad I wasn’t getting them birthday presents!

Aside from one minor scare with the carbon monoxide detector going off 1, the hike and overnight stay were uneventful. Just a nice relaxing evening and a great way to celebrate Amanda’s birthday.

  1. There were warnings that leaving the wood stove door open could cause the carbon monoxide detector to go off. We didn’t think we had it opened for too long, but the detector didn’t agree. After we opened the doors for a couple of minutes and reset the alarm, there were no further issues or scares.