Botswana-Baylor Fun Run

What better way to spend our last day in Africa than by participating in the Botswana-Baylor Fun Run. All proceeds are going towards completion of the new Adolescent Center. There was both a 5 km and 13 km event.1

In what we now refer to as being typical Africa, we ran down the streets, often struggling to figure out which way to go next. We had heard the roads would be closed, but what that really meant was that a police car would lead the way. However, as runners became more and more spread out, this meant we got further and further from the police car. As such, the other cars on the road didn’t really seem to notice or care that the roads were closed so we often had to deal with the passing cars as well!

Amanda decided that she was going to enjoy the day and instead of pushing too hard for 13 km, a distance she hasn’t run in quite some time, she would run the 5 km. When I finished the 13 km, she was there waiting for me at the finish line. After a minute or two of catching my breath, I asked her how her race went. A big smile appeared and she said, “I think I won!” She was convinced she must have made a wrong turn somewhere, but the organizers confirmed with her that she had in fact won the 5 km event.

When they were making announcements, they had draws for door prizes and presented medals to the top 3 finishers for the 13 km event. There was no mention of the 5 km finishers. We asked one of the other organizers that we knew about it. She found out that the sheet of paper where they had written down the names of the top 3 finishers for the 5 km had been lost. This meant that, unfortunately, they would be unable to hand out medals for the 5 km event. Again, typical Africa!

All in all, a great morning and a great way to spend our last day. We have a long stretch of traveling ahead of us this evening, so hopefully the exercise this morning will help us sleep on the flights!

  1. These distances were approximate. My Garmin said 11.7 km as I was crossing the finish line of the 13 km event. But it doesn’t really matter! It was just great to be out supporting a great cause! 

3 thoughts on “Botswana-Baylor Fun Run

  1. Great story! Looking forward to hearing about it on Sunday. Have a safe and restful flight home.

  2. congrats!!! to you both especially Amanda when actually she was really bruises you are tough!! and brave.
    Andy I would say you both are winners what a way to mingle with the folks of Gaborone in your last hrs.
    You will be remembered and it all will fill you up in more ways than one.You,ve been in one different world.

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