Sandwich Harbour

Photos: Sandwich Harbour

November 3, 2011

Sandwich Harbour is a former port about 100 km south of Swakopmund. There are a couple of old houses that are now in ruins, but otherwise there are no remnants of this being a commercial harbour. We had heard that the scenery was beautiful so we booked a tour with Turnstone Tours. We were lucky to have the company’s owner, Bruno, as our guide.

Most of the driving to get to Sandwich Harbour is a long the coast and through sand dunes. There is one stretch of beach where the large dunes of sand literally meet right up with the ocean. This doesn’t leave much room for vehicles to pass so the day must be carefully planned around the tides. It is also essential to have a good 4×4 vehicle and plenty of off-road experience – neither of which we have!

In the morning, we parked the vehicle up on a sand dune and had a fantastic walk up to some of the taller dunes in the area. The panoramic views were amazing and sitting atop one of the dunes, it definitely felt like you could just slide down into the ocean of you wanted to. We then walked back to the vehicle (glad that Bruno remembered the way), and had a delicious salad for lunch with coffee and cake for dessert.

After lunch, the tide was low enough that we could pass through to Sandwich Harbour. We then has another nice hike up to the highest point there before taking a different route down and following the ocean back to the vehicle. I don’t really know how to describe the sights of the day besides saying that the large dunes looked like mountains and the pictures will not do it justice. It is a very beautiful part of the world that we were privileged to see and Bruno definitely made the day one of the highlights of our trip to Africa.

I should also say a special thank you to everyone at Meike’s Guesthouse for making our stay in Swakopmund so relaxed and enjoyable. Meike in particular was extremely helpful in helping us with all the planning for the week. I think she made it her personal challenge to ensure our stay in Namibia was memorable after hearing that our plans would have to be altered due to forgetting our licenses.