Erongo Mountains

Photos: Erongo Mountains

November 4, 2011

We started the journey back to Windhoek, but made a planned detour at Usakos (about 90 minutes from Swakopmund) and headed 30 km north to Ameib Ranch. It is a small guesthouse nestled in the Erongo Mountains with hiking trails on site. We arrived early so had time to drop off our things and head out into the mountains for most of the day.

The first stop along the trail was at Philipp’s Cave. Inside the cave, there are rock paintings in the wall including one famous in Namibia, the white elephant. We got there just in time as there was a brief rain shower but we did not get wet in the cave.

We then headed to Bull’s Party which is an area containing many large boulders, many of which appear to be standing on edge in ways defying gravity. Each turn provides new and impressive views of crazy rock formations (hopefully some of this comes across in the photos).

Overlooking Bull’s Party is Elephant Rock which gets its name since it looks like the head of an elephant. We followed the path around back and headed up a steeper section requiring chains an ladders at points which led to the top of the rock and a panoramic view of the area. The climb up was only a 150 meter elevation gain, but some parts where quite steep and narrow, bringing back memories of the movie 127 Hours! 1

We headed back to the guesthouse, had a bit of time to cool down by the pool, then a delicious buffet dinner. Another great day in Namibia!

November 5, 2011

We woke up to great weather in the Erongo Mountains. After a filling breakfast, we hiked west from the ranch past the dam with great scenery of new peaks and valleys. The rock formations remained outstanding and it seemed like we could almost take a photo with each step.

We saw more wildlife during today’s walk. Plenty if antelope were running around and a troop of baboons peered down at us perched atop one of the many rock cliffs. Unfortunately, we did not come across any of the giraffes in the area, but we did our best to try and spot them.

It was much warmer than yesterday, so it was good that we needed to hike early in the day before taking transport back to Windhoek. A short stop at a coffee shop in Usakos and then we were on our way.

We ate at a Cameroonian restaurant called La Marmite. We shared a delicious beef curry and vegetables in a peanut sauce. Definitely one of the better meals we had in Namibia and a great way to spend our last evening.

We stayed at The Cardboard Box for our last night in Namibia. It is a backpackers that many stay at while in Windhoek. On a Saturday night, unfortunately that meant that many of the guest stayed up quite late at the bar area making the 5:30 am wakeup call the next morning even more difficult. On the plus side, the room was cheap!

  1. Not to worry, no boulders fell during our climb. Amanda and I each completed the hike with two arms intact! If you haven’t seen the movie, sorry for the spoiler. 

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  1. we actually saw the movie you are both very brave! So much more to hear abt. when you return.This
    trip is certainly a book for you!

  2. Just read both of your blogs and allRhe updates. Just an amazing experience you have had, and I’m thrilled that you have shared! My dad is going to Russia this winter and needs a new point and shoot camera. What did you get for your trip?
    When do you come home?

  3. Andy the pictures of Namibia were awesome (again). Thanks so much for sharing all of this with us – it has made us all feel like we were part of the adventure.
    Have never heard of the air-puffing screening machine…can’t believe this is the ‘new’ technology.

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