Elbow & Tombstone Lakes

ElbowlakeLast weekend, Amanda and I decided to do some camping seeing as it was the long weekend and Amanda would be back teaching this week. We chose a really nice hike up past Elbow Lake and through the Elbow Valley to Tombstone Campground. After setting up our site, we headed up on another short hike to Tombstone Lakes.

We didn’t see a cloud in the sky all weekend and it was a great way to relax before we both start to get a little bit busier. We’re hoping to still get out hiking some more this year and ski season will be here in no time!

You can see all the pictures here.

One thought on “Elbow & Tombstone Lakes

  1. Hey Amanda & Andy,
    Great, great sharp and clear pictures again..
    {post-card quality) What beautiful scenery ..
    Father K.

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